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Rack Cards
Your budget should never force you to decide how many colors you can afford on your  rack cards. Rack card printing with The Whole  Nine Yards, LLC includes full-color printing to maximize their impact.

Custom Rack Card Printing for Your Small Business

Our proprietary technology means that we can have your rack cards printed in small  quantities and still offer you the best value  anywhere.  Historically, rack card printing has been a hands-on laborious process for both the supplier and the customer. We not only  are using a fully  automated manufacturing of rack cards, but also  the manner in which print rack card orders are created and submitted.  We incur lower costs, which we pass on to our customers to enjoy lower  prices for higher quality full-color rack cards.

Below are our prices for the printing aspect of the rack cards. If you wish  for us to design  the cards, there will be a $500 design fee.  There are times when we can use a template from our design software and  if this is possible, then this will dramatically reduce to design fee to $150 verses us starting from  scratch. Unfortunately, due to the way our  software is designed, presently we are unable to attach copies of these  templates on our web site due to software copyright laws. If we are able to use one of these templates  to match your business, we will attach a PDF copy to an e-mail to you prior to us starting the design process for  your approval.

In better than 50% of the cases, we are able to use these templates to  help reduce your  cost. The PDF file we send you will be of a  reduced image size not suitable for reproduction as well as it having  the word PROOF written across both sides of the rack card. Now once  the design is completed and  paid for along with payment for the printing of  the rack card, we will send you a copy of the final design in a PDF file with sufficient density for proper printing from any printer that has  digital printing available to  them.

Rack Card Tips

Get the word out about your business or promote a special sale with full-color, high-quality rack cards.  Pass them out around town center or post them in popular coffee shops and grocery stores to promote your business.

Business rack cards don't have to just be for announcing sales. Other smart customers use rack cards  for: price lists, menus, mailers, coupon listings and more. The possibilities are endless.

These rack cards are not only great for business use, but for personal as well. Use rack cards to promote  an event for school, a rally or campaign event.




$ 15.00


$ 30.00


$ 55.00


$ 90.00


$ 130.00


$ 150.00


$ 190.00


$ 230.00


$ 270.00


$ 420.00


$ 725.00





Recycled Matte

$ 7.00

Premium 100 lb. White Matte Stock

$ 9.00

Blank Back Side


Black & White Back Side

$ 3.00

Color Back Side

$ 5.00

PDF Proof


Prices are subject to change without notice
Prices do not include design fees

Please request quote for current pricing by sending us an e-mail to: 

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