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Whole Nine Yards Photography

This business started out as Bob Cohen Photography back in 1997 when my wife and I got stationed in Brussels, Belgium and I was stationed there as a diplomatic photographer with the U.S. Embassy to NATO.

Granted, my photographic career started out long before that as I started doing photography for profit back when I was 15 years old doing pictures for the Boy Scout troop I belonged to while on camping trips as well as annual Summer Scout Camp. Everyone came to me for pictures as they knew that I would always give them the quality they wanted and needed.

I started learning photography while working as an apprentice for a Master Photographer in New York during the summer after my oldest brother got married. I remember watching how he created the images of my brother and his wife and how meticulous he was in placing the layers of the wedding gown for the perfect placement and balance of the gown for the image.

I remember watching him in the studio creating artwork of images he was shooting for advertisements he was doing for an advertisement agency. I learning how to properly light subjects, depending on the type of product being shot. No two products are lit the same way because of how lighting needs to be balanced for that particular item.

Whether it be small parts or jewelry, autos or clothing, we are capable of doing the job as we have been working as a Commercial Photographer since 1976. We guarantee our work 100% and we make sure you get the product you want at the best price.

For more information about our Photographic Services, please go to our domain to see samples of our work, as well as ideas of what we charge for particular types of services. Our hourly rate is $85 per hour plus the cost of images. Digital images with a one time usage license is $75 and we own the image. For unlimited usage where you own the image starts at $250 per image. Setup fees as well as site assistants are extra.

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