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Consulting Services

Systems Consulting

As a consultant, we confer with our prospective client to help them work out the kinks in the type of computer system they need for their business or even personal use. Whether to be a gamer who is looking for the “All Powerful Super Speed” system to an Accounting Firm with 4 accountants who each need their own workstation. To an Architectural or Engineering Firm that needs an extremely fast system with very large monitors and redundant hard drives (RAID Systems) for the large files that are usually created with programs such as Auto-CAD.

We look at what their business is, offer advice on the types of computers or All-In-One terminals they should get and depending on what the equipment is, we will either offer to acquire the equipment for them, or advise the best place to purchase the equipment and we would then offer to do the installation.

If they are coming to us just for the advice, we charge them for our time, but if they purchase the equipment through us, we give them a 50% reduction on the consultation services and depending on the system, we even sometimes offer to waive the consultation fee completely.

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